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On behalf of our university community, and in my name, I wish you a warm welcome to the American University in South America, which from this moment, is also your University.
The Origins of American University, and goes on until you, who are the last link of this chain. This chain is formed by several illustrious names, and many more less known... professors and students who dedicated themselves to the intelligence of faith, to the understanding of our world and our humanity, at the service of the world.
Welcome! We are happy for your presence and everything it brings: your human and spiritual experiences, your language and culture, your expectations and your wish to rigorously research the truth on the roads on which God’s Spirit lead us.
Welcome, all of you, who are the new face of our University. Our University is not merely an academic program or a group of classroom; our wish is to develop mutual bonds of knowledge and friendship in order to become a community dedicated to an intellectual commitment which is both a personal path and a common way, a personal need and a common dedication.
We are a very international University - a real Universitas national, as the Ecumenical University was called right from the beginning. I wish everybody to take this opportunity to feel and understand always more deeply the pressing challenges of our world. Together we could make the AUSA, the home of each of us.
I wish you all a happy and fruitful academic year 2021-2022.
Dr Zigmund Ziegler Roberto Cohen.
Magnificent Rector 
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